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  1. morth

    digital work

    attempts at art using digital media
  2. Experimenting with a different style, happy withe the way it turned out but would apprieciate any comments

    © ian chalmers-worth

  3. I love the use of colour, especially that splash of green
  4. morth


    Thank you!!
  5. Are you using art as a form of therapy then, I have heard that it is very good, that said I was in an art gallery recently where they were trying to sell what to me looked like the dried out pallets used for painting than actual paintings for obscene prices. Some of yours look good to me. On the subject of selling, I have not been able to sell any of mine either, but that is probably because they are carp.
  6. I am considering trying to sell the two works in my pastels folder at a local art fair. 1. does anyone think they may sell, 2, what would be a realistic price, they are both on A3 pastel paper
  7. What is the best way of photographing a pastel painting, especially lighting wise, I.E. flash, ambient etc.?
  8. smb

    Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com! Sorry about the cumbersome registration process - it's the only way that I can keep the spammers out these days. Anyway, you are now in the New Members group and I hope you will enjoy the site! :)

    1. smb


      Thank you for uploading your art - and welcome now to the Full Members group!

    2. smb


      What happened to the website?

      "Server not found"

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