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  1. Where have you been since 2010? Get yourself back here and upload some of your art in the artfreaks.com Gallery!
  2. Newbie


    She's got a nice arse!!
  3. You can insert up to three URLs (plain text links) OR three images, (or any combination thereof) - but the images have to be quite small, otherwise they will muck-up the display... But you will find it's best to stick to one or two URLs and only one image. Otherwise you will keep getting error messages when you try to create your signature. Full Members can not insert HTML. Not even moderators are allowed to do that. It is just too dangerous for the security of the site. So that pretty well rules out banners - unless they are just plain images without any embedded links. The other th
  4. This is a test post. I just need to make sure that Full Members can post their links without any problems... http://www.picarto.tv
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