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    I am interested in creating and viewing art. I love to paint and draw and do both prolifically. I am also interested in history, music, poetry, books, movies, and a few stiff drinks.

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  1. These are some oil, acrylic, and charcoal pieces that I have produced. I also have my own web site for parties interested in viewing more of my work. at www.rlouism.com
  2. I envision that my external blog, combined with this blog, will afford me a greater opportunity to bridge a connection between my art website, this site, and my external blog. My external blog is a great platform for me to entertain and hopefully inform viewers by discussing and sharing my critiques and reviews of artwork, books (including articles/editorials) music, movies (including TV shows, social and political issues; basically any interesting content I can get my hands on. But ultimately I hope that interested parties that do view my original art website will find my work as aestheticall
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  4. I am a new artist member of this site, and I joined in hopes that I would be able to connect and share ideas about other artist's work and the work that I produce. I look forward to creating strong bounds with fellow artists and look forward to viewing and showing art. I have linked two examples of my art so to give an idea of what kind of work I produce. I have also linked my web site. Thank you. http://rlouism.com/
  5. New artist member just saying howdy

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