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  • smb

  1. 'Good to see you back at artfreaks.com!! :D

  2. LoganDreams

    Amateur art pieces :D

    This album is basically all my artworks. :D Please leave me comments on how I should improve. :D Thanks.
  3. Any New Art for the New Year?!!

  4. Cheryl Tay 's room is the perfect room for horror movies! It's full of bugs and feathers and MORE BUGS!

  5. The cold weather has got me into the Christmas mood! Isn't that nice, :D

  6. Jbieber's such a nice guy.

  7. I'm already packing my stuffs! :DDD

  8. It's official. The perfect man on earth is Logan Lerman! <3

  9. I wonder if artists can have refunds for their souls


  11. Great. Now my hand smells bananas. STINKY

    1. smb


      Hmmm... Any particular reason why?!!

  12. D major chord is hard D:

  13. Junction 8, here I come! :D

  14. One, twenty one guns!

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