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  1. Another Warhammer enthusiast! Hail, Battle Brother!

  2. Paint Ur Stuffz

    Rat Ogres

    28mm Warhammer Fantasy
  3. Paint Ur Stuffz

    Pond of Nurgles

    12.7mm Nurgles with Pond Base made of Styrofoam :)
  4. Paint Ur Stuffz

    High Elves

    28mm High Elves from Island of Blood
  5. Paint Ur Stuffz

    Sanguinary Guard

    Sanguinary Guard 28mm model from Games Worshop's Warhammer 40K
  6. Paint Ur Stuffz

    Skaven Clanrat

    an inch tall rat soldier from Games Workshop's "Island of Blood"
  7. Paint Ur Stuffz

    Scrap or Art

    A friend gave me this as a gift. She said i should do something about it. Well i did...
  8. Welcome to ArtFreaks.com! Full Member ka na agad!

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