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About Me

  1. PR737 on the stand with setting sun providing a beautiful backdrop at Bangkok Suvanabumi Airport. Waiting for boarding to commence, for a flight from BKK -MNL on the evening of 23rd March 2024
  2. A busy street in down-town Bangkok. The King of Thailand is greatly loved by the Thai people and his portraits are very much in evidence all over Bangkok Photo taken on a short visit to the capital city of Thailand - some time in 2006
  3. From the album: Bangkok

    View looking North from the West-bound platform at BTS (Skytrain) Egamai station. I just wanted to capture the last of the evening twilight with the Wat That Thong temple sparling sparkling away in the background.
  4. I spend quite a lot of time in Bangkok. I usually prefer to just wander around by myself and do my own thing but, if I ever get some spare cash, I wouldn't mind trying one of Photojournalist Jonathan Taylor 's intensive photography classes. Street photography is something that has interested me for a long time and a bit of practical guidance out on the streets in and around Bangkok certainly wouldn't go amiss. I understand from his website that the courses can be tailor-made to suit the individual participants' areas of interest. If you are interested, just click on the link below and you can take a look at the website to see for yourself what is on offer: http://photographyschoolasia.com/
  5. From the album: Bangkok

    Estrella Damm on draught at D'ark in the Em Quatier... A well-earned beer after all of my hard work today!!
  6. From the album: Bangkok

    View looking towards อุทยานเบญจสิริ (Benjasiri Park) from the BTS Skytrain พร้อมพงษ์ (Prompong) Station
  7. Version 1.0.0


    High rise buildings on the banks of the Jao Praya river - (or Chao Phraya, if you prefer!) Photo taken from the Saphan Taksin Bridge. I didn't have my tripod with me but, after many attempts, I actually managed to get this shot without any camera shake. 'Pure luck in the end - but quite an achievement with all the heavy trucks thundering by and shaking the bridge every few seconds! (I had a well-earned beer or six, after taking this one!!)
  8. From the album: Night Photography and Lights Reflecting in Water

    A bit blurred... I done my best to move the camera with the boat as it moved down river! Photo taken from the Saphan Taksin Bridge
  9. From the album: Night Photography and Lights Reflecting in Water

    Just "kicking my heels" (or sitting and swatting mosquitos, as the Thai people would have it!) So I decided to have a play with my old camera and see if I could figure out how to use the thing... บ้านส้มตำ (Barn Somdtam - or Baan Somtum, if you prefer...) in Soi Sukjai near Sukhumvit Soi 42 Phrakanong, Klongtoey, Bangkok at night http://www.baansomtum.com/
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Just me playing with my old camera. This is the original, full resolution image file, from which a reduced file of the same photo was derived, when I uploaded it to the artfreaks.com Gallery.
  11. From the album: Bangkok

    Standard fare for me in Bangkok - especially when I have a hangover! Love Scene is a geat little place. Very close to Soi Cowboy. Directly opposite a 7-11, if anyone is interested! Just look for the two statues of ladies making the wai gesture outside the entrance. Go down the little passageway beside the kitchen. 'Looks a bit dodgy but well worth it when you get inside!
  12. From the album: Bangkok

    A heavy downpour clears the Soi in an instant. But the lights stay on and the party goes on inside the bars! (Sorry! Pictures not allowed inside...)
  13. From the album: Bangkok

    An early evening shot of the temple, taken from the steps leading up to Ekamai BTS station. What look like thousands of fairy lights are actually reflections off the gold leaf...
  14. From the album: Bangkok

    Or you always hop on a motocycle taxi. That's probably the quickest way around town. But you'll need to keep you elbows and knees tightly in, hold on for grim death - and don't forget to bring your own helmet!
  15. From the album: Bangkok

    These little stalls seem to spring-up all over the place in Bangkok. One day, it's just an empty space... The next, it is a bustling hive of activity. I love Bangkok!
  16. From the album: Bangkok

    รถติดในถนนรัชดาภิเษก กรุงเทพมหานคร This is not as bad as it looks. Traffic is stacked up but when it gets moving, it keeps moving for quite a bit. And there's always the Skytrain if you want to avoid traffic jams. Or, my favourite - the motorcycle taxis!
  17. From the album: Bangkok

    The only time I ever get up early enough to get this kind of shot, is when I haven't even been to bed yet,in the first place! Photo taken from The Lily Residence, sukhumvit Soi 68, Bangkok - some time in 2015
  18. From the album: Cats

    A rather handsome-looking cat that I came across in Lumphini Park, Bangkok - some time in 2014 or 2015? Looks in pretty good shape for a stray, so I presume someone is looking after it?!!
  19. From the album: People Photography and Street Scenes

    All three of them furiously searching for something on their cellphones. Flicking through maps all over the place!! Is this what they call Pokemon? Photo captured whilst riding a BTS "Skytrain" in Bangkok.
  20. From the album: Old Stuff!

    A very old but totally captivating piece of furniture - part of a Pronto display at the Glass Quartier, in Bangkok. Full marks to the designer of this display. Even the old bits of carpet... It is a real work of art!
  21. smb

    Boys will be Boys!

    From the album: People Photography and Street Scenes

    A young boy running his hand through the water of a fountain pool in Bangkok Photo taken in October, 2006 To purchase a high quality print of this image, please visit: ArtWanted.com Various gift items , customized with this image are also available at ArtWanted.com

    © &copy Vic Rolfe

  22. From the album: Bangkok

    The Bangkok light rail transits system "Sky Train" pulling into a station somewhere down near Sukhumvit Photo taken on a short visit to the capital city of Thailand - some time in 2006 This photo of the Bangkok Skytrain was taken from the platform of one of the stations near to Pratunam. (Chit Lom or Chit Long, if I am not mistaken?) I was on my way to a great night's entertainment in Sukumvit Road, Soy 23 - otherwise known as Soy Cowboy! (As you can see, I like to get there early!!!) To purchase a high quality print of this image, please visit: ArtWanted.com Various gift items , customized with this image are also available at ArtWanted.com

    © Not &copy Please feel free to use this anyway you like!

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