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Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

Free upload gallery for artists and photographers

Amateur and professional artists and photographers are very welcome to upload images of their art and photography for sale. (Just include a link or contact details in the description...) If you just want to show your art and/or photgraphy to the world and invite comments and ratings from other members of the site, please sign up for your free membership of artfreaks.com and upload; post and comment on other other peoples work to your heart's content!

Top Tips for Artists and Photgraphers

Bubbles - practise pastel painting by morth

Top tips on art and photography

The artfreaks.com Top Tips area of the site is a database of art and photography tips and short articles that have been uploaded by members of the site. Sign up for your free membership of artfreaks.com and share your own art and photography tips. Rating and commenting on existing tips and articles in the database will help to highlight the most popular ones - and make them more easily searchable for members and guest visitors alike.