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Drawing "white space"

This is another really useful trick that I learned from The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

Tip: Instead of drawing, for example, a man's arm with his hand resting on his hip - look at the space between his arm and his body.

Do not look at his arm and do not look at his body.

Look only at the space in between his arm and his body... Then draw draw that space!

The same thing applies to drawing the outside edge of the man's arm...

Look at the nearest object to his arm and draw the space between that object and the man's arm!

That way, you overcome the tendency of the left-side of your brain to make you draw things in the simplified symbol images with which that part of your brain rationalizes the world around you. Then, having overcome this annoying tendency of the left-side of your brain to continually butt-in and interfere with your art - (which is, essentially, a job for the right-side of the brain) - you end up easily being able to draw what is actually there - rather than what the left-side of your brain would very much like you to draw...!!

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Drawing "white space" - ( the space around an object, rather than the object itself) - is a great way of overcoming the tendency of your subconscious to influance your drawing with its own preconceptions of how it thinks something should look - rather than what it actually looks like...

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