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This tip was the number one lesson that I learned from The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards


If you want to make a drawing from a photograph, just turn the photo upside-down and then copy exactly what you see.

Try it. This sounds really stupid but it actually works!

The idea here is to confuse the left (rational) side of your brain and prevent it from taking-over your drawing process and making you draw things as the symbols that it sees in. If you leave the drawing or photograph the right way up, the left side of your brain will dive in there and say "Ah! An eye! I know what an eye looks like...!" and then you end up drawing an eye or a face or whatever as you think it should look - rather than the way that it actually looks...

There is really nothing very difficult about drawing. Almost anyone with a functioning hand and reasonable eyesight, fingers, paper and a pencil can do it! No special fingers are needed - ordinary ones will do just fine!!!!! And the only skill you need to master is the ability to condition your mind into drawing what is there and not the symbols that the left side of your brain rationalizes in.

Just go ahead and give it a try... You'll be amazed at the results! Once you have done this a few times and you start to build your confidence, you'll find that you are able to just copy exactly what you see - (rather than what the left side of your brain thinks you are seeing.) Once you have conditioned yourself in this way, you will find that you no longer need to turn your subject upside down...


Ha ha! The drawing on the right-hand side of the below, shows the results of my first attempt at upside-down drawing...



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There are a lot of really useful books on learning to draw, that you can buy conveniently online at Amazon.com

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  • Root Admin

I just attached a copy of my first attempt at upside-down drawing to the main post, Ha ha! It looks quite funny with that enormous nose! I guess it was a result of the upside-down drawing process. Anyway, it was a great exercise and really helped me to learn how to draw what I see - not the stylized images of what my brain thinks I sould be seeing...

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