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Hello, I am new to this site. I am an amateur digital artist, I have not sold any prints of my works yet. I just started putting my prints up for sale on fine art America in May of this year. So far I have used Twitter, Redgage and Stumble Upon to market my works.

If you have any marketing tips I would love to hear them. In addition, if you have any feedback on my work from the sites above please let me know.

Feedback whether negative or positive is highly cherished.

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Thanks for your interest in ArtFreaks.com
Here's another site that you could try:

Take a look at ArtWanted.com. They have a free entry-level membership if you just want to try-out the site and if you like them, you can always go for a paid membership package that would allow you to sell high quality prints of your work on line. (AW handle getting your prints made, shipping, billing etc. so it's really no hassle...)

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As a Full Member of ArtFreaks.com, you can also upload high resolution image files of your work in the Downloads module - and then charge an amount, (which you set,) for every time someone downloads a copy of your file. The person who has downloaded your file can then use the file for making a high quality print of your art.

The link to the Downloads module is in the main navigation bar at the head of (almost) every page in the site. (Depending on your screen resolution, it might be under the "More" tab.)

ArtFreaks.com takes 10% of whatever you decide to charge, every time payment is made for downloading one of your files. (This simply helps to offset some of our running costs...)

It costs absolutely nothing, other than a bit of your time, to give this new feature of ArtFreaks.com a try.

Tip: Upload a small, low-resolution and preferably water-marked screenshot with each high resolution file upload, so that people can see what they are getting.

At the time of writing, you can upload image files of up to 30Mb in the Downloads module.

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