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Well, I did say that it would be a while before I managed to get around to uploading the photos from my brief little break in Denmark at the end of July/first week in August this year. September is nearly over now, but I have been busy with work - (which, for me, working on ships, generally means very poor to non-existent internet...) And, aside from that, I had to earn some money first, in order to be able to renew my subscription for the software that artfreaks.com runs on, so that I could get it upgraded to the latest version. Now that's done, I have found uploading photos to be a breeze - on my laptop, at least! (Hopefully, the have done something to improve photo handling on mobile devices too? I will let you know, next time I give it a go.)

After leaving my previous ship in the port of Kalundborg on the island of Sjaelland - (the same one where, København - or Copenhagen, is located) - I needed a few days to finish-off some reports and decide just exactly where I was to head next.

I found this very inexpensive, comfortable and quiet little B&B just a few miles outside town:

Holmehuset Bed & Breakfast Kåstrup Holmevej 23, Illerup, Kalundborg, Denmark, 4400

I nice four mile walk through the glorious late summer rural Denmark countryside to the King's Pub in the centre of town. (Well, why walk two mile to the nearest supermarket when you can walk four miles to the nearest pub?!!)

Needless to say, I enjoyed those walks. The photos tell a better story. Beautiful countryside and not much traffic on the roads - on average, about four or five between Kåstrup Holmevej and Kalundborg!

I must go back there some day...



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