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Hello I'm new here.

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gary kandziora

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Hello my name is Gary Kandziora from the USA. I live in the State of Wisconsin in a city called Wauwatosa. Wauwatosa is a native american name for a bug. The fire fly. I have a commercial building I own right next to our residence. I just step out the kitchen door and I'm at work already. Well I do have a day job that takes a few minutes longer to get to. The factory where I work makes open pit mining equipment.

At home I do welded metal sculptures of steel. I use 4 welding types. My materials come from junkyards, factories, flea markets, and where I can find them. I've been doing this for 15 yrs and love doing it. Gary

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Hi Gary! Welcome to artfreaks.com! I had a look at your website,


I think your work is truly awesome! :good::)

I especially liked your metal people series - and this one in particular really blows my mind!



If you get a bit of spare time, I hope you will be able to set yourself up some albums on the artfreaks.com Forums > Gallery. We desperately need some sculpture on this site!

Happy sculpting! :)



Itaas Mo! (Cheers!)

Kahit Kailan, Kaibigan!! (Friends Forever!!)

smb - Walang Katulad!!! (San Miguel Beer - There is nothing like it!!!)

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