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Hello everyone I am just taking a minute to send a greeting out and let you know I am making this my new home. I had some bad vibrations over at myshippassion.com and am now making this my comfortable new home. I like the way well, I'll say one member here makes you feel.......WELCOME. I hope some more of you will reach out to make me feel at home here as well as most of you are very silent, I find. And it seems hard to get you out of the woodwork. Vic has a very good thing going here and I hope no one spoils it for him as what is happening to the other site. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel I find. I hope Vic you can keep the rules strictly enforced here. As things were really going down hill elsewhere and no one was stepping up to the plate to make any enforcement. Again I hope to see more than Vic on here. So a big warm hello from your friend from Canada and I hope everyone gets to see and enjoy my work here and over at custom freaks.

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Well, I can tell you, you are very welcome here Jim! :D

Regarding keeping tabs on posts/uploads in order to make sure that they meet with the site's guidelines... So far, I don't have a problem at ArtFreaks.com

On the other hand, if you would like to offer your services as a Moderator, I could certainly use some extra help!



Itaas Mo! (Cheers!)

Kahit Kailan, Kaibigan!! (Friends Forever!!)

smb - Walang Katulad!!! (San Miguel Beer - There is nothing like it!!!)

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