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  • smb

  1. smb

    Happy Birthday again!

  2. smb

    Oh! Happy Birthday!

    Long time, no see!

  3. smb

    Welcome to artfreaks.com! I hope we will see more of your work here soon!

  4. sam

    Other Old Works

    more old paintings from Sam Penaso
  5. sam

    Hubog Series

    paintings by Sam Penaso
  6. Beppu contemporary art japan 2006

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

  7. 3rd Prize Metrobank Painting Contest watercolor

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

  8. Finalist Metrobank Painting Contest watercolor

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

  9. acrylic on canvas HON MENTION Art Association of the Philippines - 2000

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

  10. acrylic on canvas 5x6ft FINALIST philart awards

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

  11. acrylic on canvas Finalist Shell student painting competition

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

  12. Hon Mention Metrobank Painting Competition

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

  13. sam


    watercolor finalist shell student art competition

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

  14. © &copy Samuel Penaso

  15. sam

    Didto sa Amo

    Oil on paper paintings from an exhibition held at the Boston Gallery in 2003
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