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  1. just a random pic of assuva... i havent drawn him for a while...

    © &copy blueshinewolf

  2. is thinking about the next picture XD

    1. smb


      Welcome back! Long time, no see! :)

  3. Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com! One of my dogs is a Siberian Husky. Not exactly a wolf but pretty close!

  4. Yeppers. And I wonder why I haven't posted these either. D: Anyway, these are concepts and main ideas of some T.S. spirit guardians: The lightning/storm spirit, the galaxy/star spirit, and the fire spirit. These are messy, but I just needed to get these down as a main idea before I moved on further with the comic. I decided to put them together and show you guys though. Enjoy!

    © &copy blueshinewolf

  5. A new character. James the black lab mix.

    © &copy blueshinewolf

  6. I'm thinking of making her my new fursona. I mean, Moon is a good character and all, but I Want something that REALLY is me as a character. Moon will still be my active character though, this is just my new fursona. And look! She's natural colored. YAY. I love salukis, and I always thought if I were a dog, I'd be a saluki. So here ya go.

    © &copy

  7. 'Lucy' by Skillet- Lyrics: Hey Lucy, I remember your name I left a dozen roses on your grave today I

    © &copy blueshinewolf

  8. "As a child, we are often told that we can be anything we want to be...that we have a choice for our future. I never had a choice. My fate and future was already chained to me. My future? Is to protect the home that they left behind.....but lose something dear to me in the end" ---- This is the new promo for the new and revises T.S. that will possibly be coming soon. I'm very sorry to announce that the previous pages are no longer a part of the actual story. The style and story is going to go through many changes, because I care about my reader's opinion. This comic means everythin

    © &copy blueshinewolf

  9. A pic I drew out of complete boredom... one idea turned into another and then this happened. xD Not going to mature content it....because there's not much blood. Also moon's to innocent to kill anyone. xD

    © &copy blueshinewolf

  10. Some fanart of TLK. I drew this from memory....so sorry if it looks pretty bleh. I'm so tired...I've been shopping for 12 hours straight with my sis, and we started at 4:00 AM. xD It was fun though. Art

    © &copy blueshinewolf

  11. A pic I did from start to finish on LiveStream. Just a little idea that was stuck in my head for a while. Enjoy!

    © &copy blueshinewolf

  12. this is a pic of grayson another char of my comic "twilight spirits"

    © &copy blueshinewolf (me)

  13. hmm i felt like drawing that XD hope ya like it

    © &copy blueshinewolf (me)

  14. yep i wanted to draw a picture to this fireflies song by owl city too so here ya go XD

    © &copy blueshinewolf (me)

  15. this is my char moon in snow XD

    © &copy blueshinewolf (me)

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