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  1. Nasty. I guess that's how some people feel about all animals. You're right, it helps when the meat comes ready packaged off of a shopping centre shelf, but when you really think about it, who is to say that these farm animals wouldn't have been just as good a friend as a dog if given the chance to live in a house instead of it's own shit? I think it comes down to cultural norms. For millenia, cattle has been the chosen 'meat' whereas dogs and cats (mainly cats) have often had a somewhat important place in ancient religion (think Egyptians and the Sphynx...). We're only more attached
  2. hahahhaha I think this video pretty much sums it up (Video no longer available) If you have a spare two minutes, watch it. It's brilliant!
  3. I had read an article based on this before, it made me smile It's a great way of looking at things.. if you can follow it I'm still working on labelling all my things. It's easy to forget what things are golf balls and what's just sand. Right now my life seems to be full of coffee and pebbles.
  4. Seems that I can't get away from news reports and general discussion about this week's failed terrorist plots. How does everyone feel about it? To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm shit scared by the idea of 21 planes being simultaneously blown up by some explosive liquid or if I'm ecstatic that it was prevented. Bit of both? For the most part just really glad I'm not travelling by plane any time soon. As if getting onto a plane wasn't hard enough...
  5. NICE ONE! I'm sure that is an opinion MANY people can relate to. Those that can't are.... questionable people. Robert Anton Wilson has a VERY interesting take on the whole war situation... Taken from his official website: www.rawilson.com [CHECK IT OUT] "Thought for the Month Just as a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, even a Christian Fundamentalist gets a savvy notion every now and then. I think rev. Robertson had a good idea when he suggested replacing war with assassination in one case, on economic grounds. He merely didn't carry the c
  6. Chai Rolfe


    Too right. What's the point in living life as an empty shell? Why function if you don't really LIVE? This is by no means a suggestion for anyone who feels that way to commit suice - in fact, it's the opposite. It's a question that I hope will urge whoever's listening to make something of whatever they have. I'm no optimistic positive thinker myself and we all go through a lot of rubbish at some point, but it doesn't mean you should just sit there and do nothing. That knock-on effect is so underestimated. I guess we don't tend to think about it much... maybe because we base our
  7. Chai Rolfe


    That saying is so true :[ A lot of people have been thinking like that lately... well, a lot of people that I know. It seems that a lot of people are being involved in tragedies right now. Some kid at college died in a car crash yesterday morning He was only 17. It didn't matter whether you knew him or not because he's gone now and a lot of people are thinking the same thing: life isn't ours to keep. It's taken away at any time. Some guy was speaking to me the other day and essentially said there is no point in spontenaiety or experience - not in the long run - because it's
  8. Chai Rolfe


    Love that stansa (<<< Something like a man waking up to 'grey metallic soar of dull North Circular roar'... thats probably way off but it's about a man from Jamaica/the Caribean who has to live in London. It's a description of the twighlight zone between his dreams of his homeland and yet again awakening to face a very mundane London. http://www.banbury.oxon.sch.uk/faculties/e...tures_guide.pdf [it's annotated so might not be as anjoyable to read... but its still worth looking at] Awesome writing Eduardo :] Chai
  9. Haahaha.... Until I upgraded my email security I used to get those bloody emails... I don't think they feel you need it. They feel EVERYBODY needs it because they need to sell it. Maybe those guys on the street are going on numbers? I.e the more people they ask, the more likely they are to find someone who will buy any. Either way, both 'suppliers' seem a bit desperate.
  10. That's not a bad idea... but why leave it up to someone else to pursue it? I'm a strong believer in the phrase 'if it isn't done right... then f*cking well do it yourself!' which basically means that if you want something done your way, then just do it. This forum is extremely flexible and is open to ANY subject of discussion. Moderators are very tolerant and won't prevent anybody from speaking their minds... but I should point out that content that may offend any individual or group of people viewing this site that it will be deleted (this means anything racist/prejudiced or explictly sexua
  11. Cambridge, huh...? Lucky me Just out of curiosity, Eduardo, is your vocabulary fluently articulate in all manners of communication (including everyday inter and intrapersonal communication) or do you simply find it relevant to address something you feel strongly about with a higher level of meticulousness in regards to chosen lexis? No offence meant, just curious O:)
  12. SSDD...? Care to elaborate to a UK teen that can't seem to figure out why she should know what that stand for...?
  13. You're making me hungry. Don't get no damn lugaw over here. Grr. Just porridge. Fun.
  14. I've taken a photography course at college and it's pretty awesome. You get to basically do anything you want (except eat or drink in the darkroom :roll: ). We were recently told to do some research on one of the greatest photographers of our time - Man Ray. He had a completely unique style and hated doing anything by the rule book. He was so against doing things how they apparently had to be done that in one of his most famous forms of photography - the Ray-o-gram - he completely removes the camera from the process all together. Here's the link for some of his work: http://www.m
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