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Let us show you Prague and How to Paint the Town!

Margaret Stanton



If you're an Artist and have dreamed of going to Prague,

This could be the trip you have been waiting for.

Artist's Dream Holiday Plein Air Painting in Prague. OPEN to 10 artists and their guests. May 25 - 31, 2010. Join Artist Rod Cameron and Prague native, Jiri Balej, together with Artist Margaret Stanton for an exciting 5 day/6nights of painting, photographing and touring this exquisite, old European capital in a fun, relaxed atmosphere!

This painting workshop/tour includes three star hotel accommodations with amenities in the heart of Prague (one block from MoMA), 5 days of painting workshops with Rod Cameron in different locations, 2 evening figure painting sessions, Daily sightseeing tours, personal instruction, Airport meet and greet, train ride excursion & savings on food and entertainment. Register Now! at Trip to Prague Info

Take your Art to new levels with this amazing 5 day/ 6 night Plein Air Painting Workshop/Tour in the Heart of Prague

Let us show you Prague and how to paint the Town!

Let me know what you think, and Check Back to see more pictures, plus read about the people and how you can join us on this Great Tour of Prague!


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Nice paintings you got there at Prague... got no skills on painting maam but I really appreciate any form of art to the point that i'm making art out of things that are no longer of use.

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