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  1. smb

    Happy birthday!

  2. smb

    'Good to see you back here!

  3. Bits and Pieces are what almost all things that we use are made of. From slippers, cars, airplanes, flower pots, spoons, slippers, needles, rubber as well as plastic mats to bottled drinks. Once these things are broken or getting old, these are forgotten, treated as waste, dirt and shoved right into the bins. Sometimes left in the streets where it would be considered as pollutants in any form. Good for those who are making a living as street cleaners as well as scrappers as they could make money out of these - Bits & Pieces. While a lot of people consider Bits and Pieces as waste that they chaotically throw these anywhere, they don
  4. Let there be Art!!!

    1. smb


      I second that emotion!

  5. eiryck

    Thanks man...kababayan!!! Just new with this site. It's been quite some time that I was looking for this one - free uploading of artwork... Only, this site seems quite??? Anyways, nice meeting you here master artist... I consider myself an apprentice and would soon upload my artworks as pictures...

  6. eiryck


    What a good art work you have made sir Asbjorn. Quite remarkable that your corporate values have their corresponding icons and symbols. It would be more easy for people to remember as they can visualize it rather than just read it. Anyways, that's the internal side of your company... what about the company's external brand? You are also making an art icon for it?
  7. Nice paintings you got there at Prague... got no skills on painting maam but I really appreciate any form of art to the point that i'm making art out of things that are no longer of use.
  8. smb

    Hello and welcome to artfreaks.com!

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