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About Me

Found 18 results

  1. The remnants of an unseasonal April snow shower has passed by and a beautiful contrast of colours from the setting sun and the dark clouds make a dramatic view.

    © Tim Penycate

  2. A beautiful contrast of colours mark the setting sun through the trees and clouds.

    © Tim Penycate

  3. From the album: The statues: Hogmoor Inclosure photos

    I love the looking at the different colours and textures of the exposed sandstone alongside some of the old tank driver training circuits in the Hogmoor Inclosure nature reserve.
  4. Flea


    From the album: Flea's Collection

    This was also done in high school and was also stolen. That upset me alot because although it may not look like it, ALOT of work was put into the process to create the design and transfer of this painting. I also digitally vectored this painting which I'll upload sometime.
  5. Flea


    From the album: Flea's Collection

    The original image was NOT done by me. This is just a re-draw I did from a book. I don't often do this, I just loved the image and had to have a version of my own.
  6. Flea

    Juice junior

    From the album: Flea's Collection

    This was the concept drawing for my Juice painting
  7. Flea


    From the album: Flea's Collection

  8. Flea


    From the album: Flea's Collection

  9. Flea


    From the album: Flea's Collection

  10. Flea


    From the album: Flea's Collection

    I'm sorry about the bad quality picture.
  11. Flea

    That world.

    From the album: Flea's Collection

    This is one of the drawings I did for my children's book.
  12. Flea


    From the album: Flea's Collection

    I did a whole bunch of pieces separately and put them together. I have a soft spot for this one.
  13. Flea


    From the album: Flea's Collection

    I don't know why I called it "Napkin" , it just seems fitting because it is small and done within a few minutes because someone wanted to see an on-the-spot piece lol
  14. Flea


    From the album: Flea's Collection

    Size A1 I painted this with various objects along with paintbrushes and cigarette buts.

    © Jemma-Lee Nelson

  15. http://www.facebook....3&type=1&ref=nf This piece was inspired by several artists including J3Concepts and Kate McInnes, but it is actually the first painting I have ever created that I have not copied from somewhere else. I am quite proud of it, and plan on doing other pieces in a similar style in the future. However before I do, I would like some advice on what needs help and what I could improve. Anything and everything is helpful! (:
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