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This is just a test . . . Problems in posting.

Alhambra . . .

Alhambra, you shone above. All, Andalucian cities had seen.

Your splendor amidst the thick tropical foliage surrounding your castle,

The carefully engineered irrigation system of pools and waterfalls,

the combined sustaining pillars and towers,

and even channels were designed to keep you eternally

a garden

in the future of mankind?s


mind . . .

We had a story to tell,

and across the Gibraltar we chose to tell it.

From afar,

for posterity to know

we were then,

very ancient souls . . .

The wizardry you caste on the entire Europe, was equaled by none given the time you appeared.

In a Moslem world of your own,

A god and prophet of your own, you Africa, were the cradle of mankind?s birth

and in this fact,

you shone.

Bienvenue, Adam and Eve . . .

The distinctions and subtleties in semantics,

whether of Moorish, Arab, and Jewish hues,

in which your genius shone

for us to know that you were

Unequaled then,

and leaving ample documentary records to testify of your genius . . .

We had a story to tell . . .

While had been walking the paved streets of cobbled stone you created,

the tolerance you accepted as a way of life,

from Christians and Berber?s faith,

alike . . .

Inhaling of the tree?s moisture in this walk,

I heard the loud waterfalls stream down the channels you created,

For all to enjoy,

as you did yesterday.

The seventh century was a the creation in ?Europa,?

Of another civilizing wave,

while in a motion-filled stream,

the symbols you created remains,

after centuries of your absence,

your tactful presence

for generations and generations

on mankind?s

mind . . .

We had a documented story to share.

It is no mistake upon entering C?rdoba, Spain,

we find the greeting:

?The City of the Patrimony of mankind?

Copyright, Monday, October 27, 2003.

Eduardo A. Cong.

Poet and playwright.

Granada, Spain.

"The Soul is the key to the universe." Claude Bernard.

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Dr. Pierre Telhard de Chardin, Jesuit, Theologian, Poet, Physical Anthropologist, observed: "After we have mastered the waves, tides and graivity, we shall harness for god, the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of mankind, we would have discovered fire."

It is my hope that hese writings, immersed in the light of research, brings us near that fire, for the second time, in history.

"The Soul is the key to the universe." Claude Bernard.

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"During the journey,

the constant rumble of the plane

filled the hours with spinning memories of his youth,

of his childhood,

and amazingly enough,

it came very fast."


Copyright, February 3, 2006.

Eduardo A. Cong. Poet and playwright, New York, N.Y. USA.

Love that stansa (<<<

Something like a man waking up to 'grey metallic soar of dull North Circular roar'... thats probably way off but it's about a man from Jamaica/the Caribean who has to live in London. It's a description of the twighlight zone between his dreams of his homeland and yet again awakening to face a very mundane London.


[it's annotated so might not be as anjoyable to read... but its still worth looking at]

Awesome writing Eduardo :]


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Chai, that poem by Nichols is not only rich in imageries, but layered with so many meanings.

Came recently from a poetry reading at a Cultural Center on the border in Tijuana, Mexico.

All students of communications, am positive, would be aware of the dynamics involved. Intercultural communications is rich with imageries, symbolism, and significance.

Quite challenging and exciting field . . .

Excellent memory!



"The Soul is the key to the universe." Claude Bernard.

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Cradled silhouette

while rain pours


showers on your skin . . .

Copyright, Eduardo A. Cong

Poet and playwright,

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

"The Soul is the key to the universe." Claude Bernard.

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Haiku to life's journey.

Sunsets and rises

silence sinks in, absence.

Distant shores real,

You . . .

Red cospuscles dance

life courses in the pathway.

Rivers embrace life.

Travels invites

a condition of the mind.

More than

a passport.

Copyright, June 3, 2006

Eduardo A. Cong

Poet and playwright,

San Diego, CA. USA.

"The Soul is the key to the universe." Claude Bernard.

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