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Kung fu is like oceans crashing against the rocks,

tidal waves rising into the sky,

Tsunamis . . .

So much power,

and grace in those fluid movements,

aspects of aspects . . .

Tai Chi Ch?uan, is gentle as the clouds in heavens,

and as fluids as the rivers.

Rising far beyond the waves,

in depth and breadth, it remains.

Tai Chi Ch?uan seems to have begun

from pure rain,

in heavens,

touching the earth?s mountains first.

Its journey,

traversing the lands of the wealthy and the humblest of souls,

having to fertilize the lives of so many.


giving freely of its wisdom

to the oceans of the world . . .

Choices being made on every dawn of the soul,

on the wings of a dragonfly she danced,

whispering into the universe . . .

Copyright, January 30, 2006.

Eduardo A. Cong

Poet and playwright,

Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. USA.

Revised on February 3, 2006.

"The Soul is the key to the universe." Claude Bernard.

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Fuego Celestino 3.

Para Lenora W.

El Iniciante

lleg? a la ciudad que nunca duerme,

Nueva York.

Durante el viaje,

el rumbido constante del avi?n,

llen? las horas del viaje con memorias oscilantes de su juventud,

de sus a?os de mocedad

y asombrosamanete,

ese viaje lleg? a una velocidad incre?blemente r?pida.

El pasaje a su alrededor,

enteramente blanca y llena de nubes.

Nubes tan resplancecientes que cegaban,

en la ausencia de lentes oscuras, cegaban completamente.

Esperando, de ni?a a mujer, esper? a una distancia inmensa.

Su esp?ritu libre, en un santuario d?bil, esper? su defensa ante una inquisici?n contempor?nea.

La ni?a,

a?nque en el presente mujer,

esper? en una inocencia.

Apareciendo en el horizonte, jinetes gigantesco del destino apocal?ptico perfilandose contra un espiritu libre, en u santuario debilitado por las circunstancias y el tiempo.

Al ver al Iniciante, solamente cabalgaron, en compaňia, a su alrededor.

Por razones inexplicables,

el l?der no se acerc?, ni su compaňia atrevieron asomar una mirada, en esta misi?n.

Mientras que la esperanza llenaba el vac?o y la oscuridad.

Como gotas de agua que brotaban del cielo,

lluvia no era, solamente l?grimas compasionante del Iniciante,

en cada gota, reflejaba una luz intensa.

Luci?rnaga no era.

Luna no era.

Sol tampoco,

Simplementa, una la luz Celestina . . .

Copyright, Febrero 3, 2006

Eduardo A. Cong

Poeta y dramaturgo, Nueva York, N. Y. E. U. Revisado Febrero 4, 2006

"The Soul is the key to the universe." Claude Bernard.

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Celestine Fire 3.

For Lenora W.

The Initiate

arrived in a city that never sleeps,

New York City.

During the journey,

the constant rumble of the plane

filled the hours with spinning memories of his youth,

of his childhood,

and amazingly enough,

it came very fast.

The scenery around

was entirely white and full of clouds.

So bright were these clouds that in the absence of dark shades, were blinding.


from a child now a woman,

was an immense distance.

Her free Spirit, in a weak temple, waited for her defense before a contemporary inquisition . . .

The child,

though at present a woman,

patiently sat in her innocence.

On the horizon were those gigantic silhouetted apocalyptic horse riders from destiny.

They were in a strategic circle against her free Spirit and a weakened vessel by the circumstances and time. Upon the appearance of the initiate, they remained in their circle, and just circled around.

For reasons unknown,

its leader did not come near, and the remainder dared not peek over for their prize in this mission.

While hope filled the emptiness and darkness,

like the mist from heaven, rain it was not.

Just the tears of a compassionate Initiate,

in each tear, were the reflections of an intense light.

Firefly, it was not.

Moon, it was not.

It was neither the Sun,

Simply a Celestine light . . .

Copyright, February 3, 2006.

Eduardo A. Cong. Poet and playwright, New York, N.Y. USA.

"The Soul is the key to the universe." Claude Bernard.

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  • Root Admin

^ Awesome! I like it!



Itaas Mo! (Cheers!)

Kahit Kailan, Kaibigan!! (Friends Forever!!)

smb - Walang Katulad!!! (San Miguel Beer - There is nothing like it!!!)

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^ Awesome! I like it!

Maraming Salamat,

Oftentimes, with the gift to describe with so many words, the many shades of light, and its complementing parts, darkness. Find myself speechless, kaibigan. Am humbled, enjoined hands, and extending a bow, proffer to you, and all, NAMASTE.

Postscriptum: Originally means, I honor the divine in you.

"The Soul is the key to the universe." Claude Bernard.

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