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    From the album: Warhammer

    This model is made of random leftover bits and a green stuff conversion, the hair and beard both being sculpted. This was painted ages ago with crappy old paint. Probably the only Wolf I'll ever do.
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    Another Warhammer enthusiast! Hail, Battle Brother!
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    From the album: Warhammer

    Title says it all, bit of a pain to paint, yellow is rough! Model turned out looking pretty good though. This is a conversion using a Assault Sargent's chainsword arm.
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    From the album: Warhammer

    This is quite possibly one of my best painted models to date. Now, Iโ€™m the first person to look at my work and go โ€œeh..could be better, however Iโ€™m very happy with how this turned out, maybe a little proud. Converted with a different arm and hand, I thought the initial pose with a one handed bolt rifle looked silly... so I like to think heโ€™s drawn his sword as pistol for some CQC while leaving his rifle on sling.
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    I am a new artist member of this site, and I joined in hopes that I would be able to connect and share ideas about other artist's work and the work that I produce. I look forward to creating strong bounds with fellow artists and look forward to viewing and showing art. I have linked two examples of my art so to give an idea of what kind of work I produce. I have also linked my web site. Thank you. http://rlouism.com/
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    From the album: practising pastel

    taken using my camera instead of phone, i think it does the picture more justice
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    You can insert up to three URLs (plain text links) OR three images, (or any combination thereof) - but the images have to be quite small, otherwise they will muck-up the display... But you will find it's best to stick to one or two URLs and only one image. Otherwise you will keep getting error messages when you try to create your signature. Full Members can not insert HTML. Not even moderators are allowed to do that. It is just too dangerous for the security of the site. So that pretty well rules out banners - unless they are just plain images without any embedded links. The other thing to realize is that your signature only shows up in your Forum posts. (These things are really just a hangover from the good old days when Forums-based websites were all the rage...) To create your signature, you will not find it under Edit Profile... You need to go to your Account Settings.
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    From the album: Warhammer

    Leader of the Devastator squad, love the chunky legs and additional armor on these guys.
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    From the album: Warhammer

    When supressive fire and much dakka is the order of the day, you get the Devastators in. I'm thinking of making another one of these guys at some point, with a much more interesting pose.
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    It's fine, a little at a time can't hurt. If the site goes down, it goes down, as would be the result with any other place I've posted stuff. It's all good.
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    Very much so, surprising what a good lick of paint and some ingenuity can get you.
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    From the album: Warhammer

    This model, was actually one of the first models I made many, many years ago when I bought my very first Space Marine Tactical Squad. The torso and legs are ancient, I removed the original arms as they were not only damaged but ruined by the heretical painting of FunkuBoy Jr when he first started painting his models. SO! Arms and head replaced and re painted with my current skill. Though my army has too many officers, this one will always hold a special place for both nostalgia and the fact I saved it from being discarded into the "Corpse Pile" box.
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    You know, I've still got bits left so I could.. and my painting skills now make that look like poor at best so I might.
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    I really like it. You should do another one!
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    Oh Dear... Those were the days when I was worried about not being able to sell any of my art - and trying pretty hard to drink myself to an early grave. Well, now I am not in the slightest bit interested in selling my art. So I can actually enjoy doing it - whenever I ever get the time... And Sibley is one of the star members of this website! Thanks for sticking with it over all of these years! Cheers!!
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    Thank you po โœจ For me i'll only eat the balut ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Thanks for that. But I wouldn't spend too much time on it... You have got a massive task on your hands there! If the site goes tits up for any reason, all your work will be wasted. (I am planning to make this site successful in the near future but if I can't find a buyer before I get too old, I really don't know how long I will be able to keep it going?)
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    From the album: Warhammer

    Da boss of da bunch ov ork boyz I gots! Don't let the "Rank" fool you, it takes some real muscle and a vicious streak to lead a pack or Orks.
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    Yeah, I didn't realise I'd uploaded so many... and there is at least twice as many to come. However yes, I'll be updating the folder each day with names, descriptions and tags, it's just going to take a while. ๐Ÿ˜›
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    Mmm, it's not overly small 28mm miniatures, about the average size for wargaming I think?
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    No worries, thanks for that! I do intend to get around to the rest at some point!
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    I reference to how I feel when everything becomes too much
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    Excellent design work! With regards to the content... I will quite happily go for the haggis and the balut any day. But you can keep the rest of it!!
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    From the album: Other Work

    My "Artistic Representation" of Sanakan from the amazing manga series BLAME! by Tsutomu Nihei, Background from the original manga, however I have added colour shadows and some super basic highlights.
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    I have never tried to sell my art. I have a real job i actually like.
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    These are some of the historic and old buildings in the surrounding area where I live. Be sure to look closely because a lot of the photos have direct links to the info on that particular place in the photo.
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    CARTOONIST AND POET Reading about the work of cartoonist Gary Larson and how he works I could not help compare and contrast his modus operandi and my own with respect to writing prose and poetry. Larson draws inspiration from similar sources to my own: interests, experiences and memories. He is sensitive about his readers and whether they understand his work. And so is this the case with me and my literary opus. I have one eye on my readers most of the time, but another on the world and all that is therein. Sometimes I shut one eye and open the other; at other times I open both eyes one, I like to think, to
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    OH! So thats the reputation thing!? Right...Right.. I understand now! About the gallery rank thing? No matter, 'twould be a cool feature but I don't want to bleed you for it! Keep it up either way, site is going well and the rank names are good. Nice one mate.
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    GOOGLE-MICROSOFT In the first year after I retired from FT work, July 1999 to July 2000, Google officially became the world's largest search engine. With its introduction of a billion-page index by June 2000 much of the internet's content became available in a searchable format at one search engine. In the next several years, 2000-2005, as I was retiring from PT work as well as casual and most volunteer activity that had occupied me for decades, Google entered into a series of partnerships and made a series of innovations that brought their vast internet enterprize billions of users in the international marketplace. Not only did Google have billions of users, but internet users like myself throughout the world gained access to billions of web documents in Google
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    There are also other planet who have chocolates... They're just not yet been found..
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    why didn't I saw this on Bob Ong's books? plus. why is it in english? oh. ok. this is an old post
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    From the album: pictures

    The tapayan is a very versatile storage vessel in the Philippines. It can be used for ALL SORTS OF THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Haahaha.... Until I upgraded my email security I used to get those bloody emails... I don't think they feel you need it. They feel EVERYBODY needs it because they need to sell it. Maybe those guys on the street are going on numbers? I.e the more people they ask, the more likely they are to find someone who will buy any. Either way, both 'suppliers' seem a bit desperate.
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    Well, that's for social aspects. I just got fed up with my classmate who is only open for the ideals. He keeps on criticizing realistic plans and suggestions instead of the idealistic ones. And the one thing that I hate the most, is that the only right person is HIMSELF...he never shuts up. Have you also encountered those kind of people?
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    i hope the real world realizes that as early as possible before we go to our ideal hell..
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    Actually, I forget to post a follow-up to this... I've updated the reank names and they are now as follows:- 0 - 19: Scribbler 20 - 49: Scrawler 50 - 99: Getting There! 100 - 199: A cool artist! 200 - 499: Already Famous! 500 Plus: Maestro / Maestra!
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    why not use "master" alone for the "master of art"? hehe... just suggesting...
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